What To Include In A Funeral Fundraiser Online

Having to bury a loved one is hard without dealing with the financial side of it. Needing to come up with the money to bury a family member can be a difficult thing to do if there was no life insurance and the death happened with little notice. One way that you can afford to bury your loved one is to do an online fundraiser. The fundraiser will collect online donations for the funeral, which will continue until the amount of money requested is raised. Before setting up a fundraiser, it is a good idea to go over the expenses to figure out precisely what your family needs for the funeral. Here are the figures that you need to add to the cost of any funeral. 

A headstone with the wording

The cost of a headstone can typically be large by itself. What a lot of people do not factor into the headstone is the wording costs money as well. Many places will charge for the wording that will be placed on the headstone per letter or per line. Figure out the cost to have the words imprinted on the headstone and include this inside of the overall funeral costs. 

The casket and the funeral home   

There are dozens to hundreds of different types of caskets, depending on where you purchase the casket. Ask the funeral home for inexpensive caskets and select a casket that will work for your loved one. Add this to the cost of the funeral, as well as the price that the funeral home will charge for a service. Often, families have a memorial service or a funeral and then a graveside service. Ask for the exact cost of the two services so that you know the overall cost for the funeral. 

Family transportation to the funeral

A funeral is the last time most have to see their loved one and say goodbye to them. If there are close relatives who live out of town or out of state, they may need some assistance with getting to the funeral in time. Since funerals typically take place within a week or so, everyone who needs to get to the funeral may not have the airfare to get there right away. In your funeral fundraiser, humbly request travel assistance within the cost for loved ones that the deceased was close to. This will make sure that everyone is able to come together to say goodbye in a respectful and cohesive manner.