3 Tips For Beginning Gold Investors

There are a lot of things that you can invest in. You can invest in new businesses, real estate, or the stock market. If you want to invest in a tried and true standard though, gold is the way to go. You have been able to invest in gold for centuries, and gold is still a solid investment today.

#1 Start with Coins

There are different ways to gather and invest in gold. Start out with coins. Coins are easier to buy and invest in than other forms of gold. You also don't need a lot of money to start investing in gold coins.  

Gold bars cost a lot more to purchase. They are also harder to sell because you need to find someone with a great deal of cash to sell them to. Additionally, gold bars are heavy, making them costly to transport.

#2 Stick to North American Coins

There are lots of different types of gold coins that you can invest in. When you first get started though, you should stick to North American coins. Focus on the American Eagle gold bullion coin as well as the Canadian Maple Leaf coin.

North American coins are the best to start with for a variety of reasons. To start with, since you are based in North America, it will be easier for you to find these types of gold coins and invest in this type of gold. Second, both the United States and Canada have high quality production standards, which means when you are investing in gold made in North America, you know that you are investing in the real thing.

Gold coins from other countries, such as the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic gold coins, are harder to both find and sell, which is another reason why sticking with North American coins, especially when you are just starting out, makes the most sense.

#3 Put Investments into Your Retirement Accounts

When you invest in North American gold coins, you don't have to keep the gold coins locked up in a safe in your home. There are much more secure ways to keep your gold coins safe. The best way to protect your gold coins is by wrapping them up with your retirement accounts. You can put American Eagle gold coins into your IRA or your traditional retirement account. This means that you can put your gold somewhere safe while also seeing the return on your investment as your coins grow in value within your retirement account.

If you want to start investing in gold, start out with gold coins and stick to coins minted in North America to start with. Protect your investment by tying your investment into your retirement accounts. Contact a coin dealer, like Beaverton Coin & Currency, for help.